Top Entrepreneurs You Can’t Miss During Covid-19

– Saint Jermaine Endeley Website: West Africa Securities

Saint Jermaine Endeley is a successful serial entrepreneur. After spending 5 years doing market research for his firm, he decided to start his first year. Saint always had a passion for entrepreneurship, his grandfather Francis G. Endeley and his father Henry W. Endeley are what motivated him to get into business. In 2016 he signed an ISDA Agreement with Berkshire Hathaway to become an assistant director and provide institutional financial services. Now Saint is the owner of 3 businesses and is still employed with Berkshire Hathaway. Some of his greatest accomplishments include reaching a “Blue-Chip” level company West Africa Securities. Since Covid-19 put a halt on a lot of businesses and people for Saint the most challenging aspect of this pandemic has been the lack of human experience and connection. In 2020 Saint plans on to grow his company and expand his marketing strategies to create brand awareness and name recognition.