P.A.I.D/Compass Clothing Inc Announced Its New CEO

PAID Compass Clothing INC has big plans to duplicate street success with online sales. Starting November 1st, the newly chosen CEO, Ali Mgaresh, will be taking control of the company. The boutique firm, founded in 2016 and headquartered in New York City provides a wide array of services in the fashion and brand-marketing sectors to individuals and businesses.

The team at PAID has extensive experience working with local, federal and international markets as well as NGOs to effect positive change on behalf of their clients. Over the past four years they have represented a diverse array of interests.

Mr. Mgaresh with his vast experience in the field of business and extensive influence in the management, development, and upbringing of strategic opportunities, the composition, and formation of corporate alliances and with his hand in introducing innovative solutions to the ever growing fashion market, has been the Chairman of PAID Compass Clothing INC since the 6th of August 2016.

Saint Jermaine Endeley, an advisor of the esteemed firm has been quoted as saying, “Ali is a proven senior executive and a strong strategic thinker. He has done an outstanding job over the past year transforming PAID Compass Clothing INC into a viable fashion company with a number of product candidates that we believe address unmet community needs.”

PAID Compass Clothing INC is developing breakthrough technologies in marketing based on a varied portfolio of artists and influencers developing under patented programs focused on faith and community. The Company’s leading candidates are targeting diverse communities in New York City. The new marketing procedures for PAID Compass Clothing are also in the pipeline for candidates to address threats of worldwide poverty. A unique technology based on data and analytics will allow the company to create a strong presence in emerging markets. 

The website will launch in December and have this URL: http://paidcompass.com/

To learn more about P.A.I.D/COMPASS INC please visit link to the official website of the organization which issues more details regarding the organization and the new appointment.